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Skelmersdale Joinery

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Carpenter and joiner, is that the same profession but with different names just to complicate things? Actually, it’s not. Both trades specialise in different skills, however they are dependent on one another. Simply put, a joiner makes the items (that could be windows or doors for a house), typically in a workshop, that the carpenter then fits or installs on site.

The joiner might not be as skilful as the carpenter in fitting the piece he or she has constructed, so it’s always worth checking your tradesman’s credentials. Similarly, a carpenter might be able to install something perfectly, but is not the right person to do the initial wood-work (i.e. making a cabinet). For some jobs, you might need both a joiner and a carpenter, and as such, it might be easier to employ a business that can provide both trades.

Common jobs for joiners include: making doors, window frames, fitted furniture, stairs, bookshelves and tables.

Common jobs for carpenters include fitting wooden structures such as floors, staircases, fixing window frames and installing cupboards and shelving.

Although, being a joiner or carpenter requires a lot of skill (attention to detail and essential maths skills, as measuring needs to be precise), there’s no need for formal qualifications for either profession.